Gundar Prayer Federation (PD Gundar)

On Friday, October 13th 2012
this is my first day to come to the PD Gundar after I came to the Premier PD two weeks ago.

I think it just like usually.. people come and some go early, and the speaker is the important factor to connected us with God, and i was wondering who is it, and how did his/her way to connect us.. and then he come after praise and worship. His name Julius. My first impression, hmm.. yeah not bad. He shared about his life and why he married in young age. But he always told us that he asked God about what would he told to us, and God said about money, money, money.. He said that God told Him that many people here have a problem about their financial.. 

After he sermon, then he said that again, about people here that have a problem, any problem, and I don’t know why, my tears gonna falling down, but I held it. Then he asked us to despise our right hand on our chest, and sang a song “s’perti Bapa sayang anakNya, demikianlah Engkau mengasihiku, Kau jadikan biji mataMu, Kau berikan s’mua yang ada padaMu.. S’perti Bapa sayang anakNya, demikianlah Kau menuntun langkahku. Hari depan indah Kau beri.. rancanganMu yang terbaik bagiku..” and repeated it again and again, but i can’t sing it, because i’ve cried  when the song get started.. I don’t know why my tears won’t stop, it just flowed like a river stream.

Not just stop at that point, but he told us that God said to him again that here are three people who really want to die, because they feels like they aren’t special for just even one people in the world, ad their like feels so empty deep down inside their heart, they feels like unwanted person. And then, he wanted they to come to front, and he will pray for their freedom, and God will touch their heart. even I heard someone screaming!! but finally they will release with their problem, and of course with  their past.

This PD so WOW..
Don’t just be ORDINARY person, but be RADICAL in God, and You will feels much much better and best
because He already Love you before you born in this world
God bless you all


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