These day.. I really… really jaded.. I’m not like who I was…

Like to be alone at home, doing things by my self..

I don’t know why… like it really hard to recover my self..
Since something happened to me at home, when everybody went to Opa house
and I didn’t want to join because I really tired and a lot of task..
When I just trying to have an intimate relationship with my God, repent.
When I tried to build my faith with finish reading Bible everyday, and have a reflection..
But why this is happened to me..
I think I am almost crazy now..
I know there is power in the name of Jesus..
but why when I really need Him, it’s like He only seen me in a distance..
I know The Holy Spirit in me.. I already receive Him
I called The Holy Spirit to lead me, but I was too confuse what am I supposed to do at that time..

I feel my mouth want to speak without my command
but I don’t know whether that is The Holy Spirit or that is the evil
So I keep singing praise and worship outloud until my family came up..
The evil keep disturb me until I meet Pastor and he released me from the evil
but need a lot of faith to bring back my mind set like I was
And… I don’t know…
I seen the things unseen… but not often..
but yeah.. I just can pray..
I hope I have a System Restore to Restore my mind before ‘that’ happened,
so I don’t have to thinking or remember again and again..

*sorry for my english >.<*

Lukas 10 : 19

“Sesungguhnya Aku telah memberikan kuasa kepada kamu untuk menginjak ular dan kelajengking dan kuasa untuk menahan kekuatan musuh, sehingga tidak ada yang akan membahayakan kamu.”

1 Korintus 10 : 13
“Pencobaan-pencobaan yang kamu alami ialah pencobaan-pencobaan biasa, yang tidak melebihi kekuatan manusia. Sebab Allah setia dan karena itu Ia tidak akan membiarkan kamu dicobai melampaui kekuatanmu. Pada waktu kamu dicobai Ia akan memberikan kepadamu jalan ke luar, sehingga kamu dapat menanggungnya.”

1 Korintus 3 : 16

“Tidak tahukah kamu, bahwa kamu adalah bait Allah dan bahwa Roh Allah diam di dalam kamu?”


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