Frog Prince


Frog Prince

Just a nickname for the one

I like so much right now

First I saw him, I was not fall in love with him

But then he add my facebook and he chat me, a random chit chat And it’s going everyday ..

one day he said that just chat in Whatsapp then, yeah we’re chatting everyday through WA..

I’ve tried to not to like him just because of our chat I’m affaid it just one hand clapping So, I just take a funny conversation sometimes I asked for a question ask his opinion about something

And, God seems He give me some signs that he like me back Of course I’m so happy He told me that I’m so cute He always say that to me That’s a really good signs

And you know what?? Everytime he drove me home with his car I always sit beside him How can I’m not so happy?

Although our age difference is pretty far twelve years but still I like him, love him Because his face just not like that far from me That’s not a big deal for me


Okay enough for my ex

About my Frog Prince, he called me Princess Panda hahahaha because of dark circles on my eyes …

God, I hope he is the one My True Love



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