Day Without Frogie

Today is the second day without frogie.
Yeah actually we usually meet 4 times a week and it’s in church when we’re serving God together.
Last Saturday night was the last night I met him before he left me to Medan to attend his closest family wedding day.
Of course I will miss him. So much. Yesterday at Sunday service I really really miss him. Hope he’ll show up that it would never come to be happen as well. But I can pass through the day as well. Because I was sooooo sleepy that I can’t sleep at the night before.
I saw the boys from the far away, and they just remember me to frogie. Their hair, even their jackets. Ha ha. Silly things when you really miss someone.

In Sunday morning at 4 P.M. he text me on WA. Just tried to woke me up. That’s so cute, huh? He’s a shy man I think. So cute to know a MAN is a shy man. Even his body so macho, but … haha If I am shy girl and he is a shy guy, so what kind of language we’ll use to talk?? Heart language? kkkkkkkk … Should I be spoiled to him?? But I don’t want to move first. Oh, ya. When the second Saturday night, when I stand behind him, suddenly our finger meet. Whoaa… I was so nervous what am I supposed to do. He look at me, and I just move away. Ha ha ha. I don’t want to see his face, so I just pretend nothing just happen. Hmm … Can’t wait to see him again soon.
Miss you Frog Prince ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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