The Secret Revealed

One Saturday night, me and some of my church friends went out to having dinner. Frog Prince ask me in the night before. What a great start to get close each other. Yeah … I was so happy to having a great time with them, especially with him. Yeah, although he sit on the corner right side, meanwhile I sit on the corner left side. Previously, he want to sit in front of me with an alibi because he want sit in front of the AC. But … My friend beside me said “Jangan koh, kasian nanti marisanya kedinginan” (because he pull the cover of AC down, so the air *hit me). So … as a good man, he changed his mind and back to his place. Ha ha ha. But he always stares at me. That’s makes me so happy. He always watching over me.

No one know about us, except Ka E’. He just smiling at me. Ha ha. And the others doesn’t realize. So, luckily, Ci I, ask Frog Prince to drove me and Ci N home. And when I asked to her who’ll sit beside him, he shout “yang turun duluan lah yang di belakang”. Yeah, that’s makes sense, but that makes me happy too because I sit beside him (^^.) . We have a good time, still a little bit calm actually, because it’s feel awkward. Ha ha. Just being alone with him, makes me so crazy.

And at the next Saturday night, we having a dinner again. This time, he keep standing beside me. O My God, I was really really nervous, I don’t know what to do. I was so embarrassed. hi hi hi. I really want to walk beside him, but I confuse, because there’s the others. Ha ha ha. And then yeah… finally all of them know about us. >.< They all tease me when we’re having dinner. I just can smiling and smiling, even I hold my smile. I don’t know what to do or what to say. Nah, waktu semuanya nanya sebenarnya ada apa antara kita berdua, dan yang lain bilang “boleh nih makan makannya”. Eh dia bilang, “Ayo dehh gua traktir nasi uduk lu semua..” Dan yang lain bilang, “Waahh.. berarti iya ya…”. Itu udah kayak kejadian sama “papi” waktu makan makan ultah nya Derry. Dari situ lah status jadi ga jelas, karena dia nembak, dan ga mau dijawab di depan umum, jadi gue ga bilang apa-apa. Dan berakhir gitu aja, dengan dia hindarin gue dan balik ke mantannya. (Jadi itermeso -____- ). Tapi untungnya ga ada adegan penembakan. Ha ha ha. Sempet hening sejenak itu.

Yaaaaahh … The point is I am so happy about the progress of our relationship. I just hope that he serious at me. And one day we’ll announce about us. And yeah… I don’t know what. Just surrender to God. He know what best for me, for us. And he know the perfect timing, because all things will be precious at His time.

Thanks for reading ^^,

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