Story Today

This Saturday fixed, I found proof that frogie has new girlfriend. He bring his girlfriend to church. And all day long he was with her. Not do any help in decoration. I was okay to see both of them. I just want he to greet me first. And he did that. Good, I’m happy. Even he bought us pizza as a symbol that he thankful to have a new girlfriend. Maybe become his wife, one day. Again, I’m okay. I’m already move on from him. So I’m ready anytime he bring girlfriend with him. I don’t  feel anything special to him. It’s gone. But my friends who knows about me and him, they just keep said something like “sabar ya chaa..” or “kayaknya nanti perlu buka forum nih..haha”

Hahaha.. Oh, God, please. I’m already move on. That’s okay for me. I just hoping that his new girlfriend do not give bad influence to his service at church. Because these day, he rarely come to serving. And now I like someone at school. But I don’t know how do he feel about me. I just waiting. He called me primadona, and Riri. Haha. But I don’t want to take my feeling too deep to him right now, because I don’t want to be upset and hurt again. Be more careful this time. And rely on God.


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