Spending Time with Him

As time goes by, I think we are getting close. He gave me sign, but I’m not sure sometimes. You know, we always spending time together in a few hours and never get bored. He is a funny guy, I like it. Even we never holding hands like me and the ‘other’ guy used to do, but it doesn’t make differences for me. Because he always said something tease me or something like that. Not like the ‘other’ guy do, we rarely talked, just played at some kind of affection by touching. I’m happy with his touch, make me feel special.

You know, it’s really hard to choose between two guy who really special for me. But, in all conditions, I will never accept one , our faith difference. I will always choose the one who has the same faith with me. The one whom I never felt bored when I was with him. The one who always asked me to join with to hear preaching when he came to church. The one who waiting for me for at least 4 or 5 hour. The one who has funny and cool face when I saw him. Maybe I’m really in love. But, how the hell he know about my confusing to choose between they two?? Grrrr… I was really shocked when he asked about that. Woaaa… I don’t know how his reaction if I tell him that I will never choose the other guy, my friend. If he will be happy or he just tell me that he’s not the right one for me. Ahh. Damn it! I don’t hope so.
God, please, I’m begging you.


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