My Happy Day Ever

red rose

Happy Christmas all !! 😀

Wohooo… At last, in this December God already gave me my Christmas gift. The best gift ever. You know, I’m not single anymore in this Christmas. I’m with someone that are so special for me. My Dei Dei. Xi xi xi… I’m so happy right now. He asked me to be his girlfriend in last Sunday in church after the day before he told me about his feeling to me. But I was not reply his question even he asked me a couple times. Ha ha ha. It because he can’t stop laughing and smiling. So I promise to answer him when we have the same exam day. And then, I answer him. He gave me a red rose. Wow. I’m so happy. That’s romantic enough for me. Receive a flower from the one you love is the best thing and feel ever! 18.12.13 is the most happy day ever in my life. But the most important thing at all is to know that he love me just the way I am. That’s a really true love 🙂 . I feel so blessed. I know God will give me the right one at His time. I know His plan is never be a bad plan. His plan always be the most beautiful plan ever! I know He know the perfect timing for me. When I am ready, He will give me the best answer.

But even I’m happy to be with him all day long. He sometimes makes me in the bad mood. I hate when he started to talk about his ex or other girl. I hate that! I said in my mind, “It’s me with you now! I’m your partner! Not her! Stop talking about her again and again! I’m tired.” Or even when he said that he will cut his hair with his ex, I just said like “Oh, my God. What the hell he was thinking about??! You miss her? Okay, fine! I’m disappointed!” in my mind. Can’t he see that I’m jealous? But the worst thing that made me in my bad mood was the time goes by so fast. I hate to be apart. I don’t want to be apart. I want he always here, beside me. But just thank God for everything he has done in my life :). He is so good to me.

Panda found other Panda to be love with. Frog found other Frog to be love with. So, Panda and frog is over.

Panda_love_S_V_entrie___Flippy_by_NakeishasLove Couple(2)


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