M & A

I am so happy to be with him. Everything we’ve been through together, just let me know that he love me for who I am and so do I. He makes me remember someone. ha ha ha. But no. He still the best for me :3 , no one can compare with him. I hate my self because I can’t start a conversation. ha ha. Because his presence makes me feel complete. I just not used to talk with someone, I’m a loner. I just like to share a story about me. If someone ask me, I will answer. When we’re talking, it makes me happy. When we’ve different arguments, I’m always afraid to lose him. Shit man! I hate that feel. I’m always afraid to lose him if he got jealous.

Yesterday, I still in not good condition. I was not go to church to do service. But I go to church with him. Every moment was so precious. Specially, the one before we go there. It was great. hi hi. The funniest moment for me when he asked if I’m okay or not while I’m doing worship and crying because I’m worshiping. But, after church we had an accident. I’m okay, but he’s not. 😦 That’s make me feel so bad. He get hurt. His arm, his leg. Oh, my God. I feel so guilty and sad. Why only him who got really bad injured? Even he can’t move his right hand like he used to be. Maybe because he hold me and his motorcycle when we fell. God, I love him, really. Sorry if we always makes You upset. But I always hope and pray for him. To be the last one for me. And I hope he change his bad life style. I still love him, but I will love him more when he stopped smoking. Because it will make him more healthy, and have more time to spend with him in my life. 😀 . Love . Love. Love. Love ❤


dia bobo


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